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  1. Hi Twiggy, i saw Carmen Lam and her fiance and parents tonight for dinner and liked her trial makeup and hairdo. The sideway braids looked cute on her. I wonder if it will look good for an older bride over 50.

    I want to check your availability for July 4 (Thursday) – wedding in an Oakland church and small Chinese banquet in Emeryville. Please also advise your price range for 2 looks (day and night) for the bride only.

    I also want to buy the Japanese eyelashes curler. Are you still selling them? How much is it?

    Thank you for your reply soon.

    1. Hi Virginia,

      My calendar is currently open on your B-day 7/4/2013.

      The side braids would be fine, but it also depends on your hair length and outfit to determine what hairstyles are best on you.

      My price is $80 for a trial. Includes 1 look, 2 hairstyles, 1 pair of false eyelashes.
      On the day of $450 for the bride. It includes eyelashes, accessories can be borrowed too.

      I’m still selling Japanese eyelash curler for $20+$4 shipping. You can paypal me the funds and I will mail it out to you.

      Thank You,

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