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Brows transformed. Immediate effect. I like this technique. I can give women and men their confidence. She does not have to draw brows. If she wants makeup, she can just follow the frame to powder in.
-Semi-Permanent lasts 12-18 months depending on one’s metabolism
-No Sauna
-No Direct Sunlight
-Do not splash water directly onto you face
-On the 8th day, you may continue with your usual activities
Microblading Healing Process:
Scabbing : 5th-7th day
Color will be appear more natural : 7th – 21st day
Fully recover : 21st – 28th day
Microblading is a two steps process. A touch up is necessary to receive the best results. Numbing cream will be re-applied during the treatment to ensure comfort
Recommend to do an annual touch up for color boost
Treatment last about 2-2.5 hours#sanfranciscobrows fter


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